Currently, Brigid O'Kane is a Professor of Design at the University of Cincinnati (UC). She came to UC in 2000, and continues to focus on research initiatives relating to the future of design, systems design, and urban mobility design. Brigid O'Kane is internationally know for her award-winning presentations and has a well established reputation as a writer, lecturer, and planetary futurist.

    After graduating from College for Creative Studies in 1990, Brigid O’Kane worked in the transportation design industry for ten-years. While at General Motors Design Center as a Senior Lead Creative Designer, she led diverse teams working on a wide variety of progressive projects. She also worked at the General Motors Advanced Concept Center in California from 1994-95, where she led the development of running prototypes of unconventional urban mobility concepts. In 1998 she received the GM Award of Excellence for Outstanding Creativity and Leadership.

    In 2004, Brigid O'Kane co-founded Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, a non-profit organization located in Cincinnati Ohio. Manifest is dedicated to creating, exploring, presenting, and documenting visual art and design from around the world. Brigid O'Kane continues to serve on Manifest's Board of Directors and remains involved in exhibitions, publications, and overall activities.

    Brigid O’Kane holds three degrees in Communication Design, Industrial Design, and Fine Art. She blends her interests in visual art and design, her noteworthy experience in a mass-consumer oriented design field, and her expertise in the academic arena of design education. With this she offers a unique and broad view on anticipated advancements in design and creativity.