I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1990 from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, and completed my Master of Fine Arts degree in 2005 at the University of Cincinnati in the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. Also, in 2005, I co-founded Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, a not-for-profit arts organization located in Cincinnati, Ohio. At Manifest, I am active in many areas, including on the Board of Directors, as Chair of the Friends of Manifest Committee, and as a Resident Instructor. Community engagement is an important part of my role at Manifest.

    Since 2000, I have been sharing my expertise as an Associate Professor at the University of Cincinnati, where I teach foundation drawing and advanced studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels. While at the University of Cincinnati, I have received 18 significant awards, including the Special Dean’s Recognition Award in 2007 and 2017, the Professor of the Year Award in 2007, DesignIntellegence National Award for One of the 30 Most Ad-mired Educators for 2014, and a one-year sabbatical during the academic year of 2016-2017. In May 2023, I was awarded an Artist Residency at Art Center Padula, Italy, which was pivotal in my artistic endeavors.

    My drawings have been featured in 13 national exhibitions and in 3 educational settings. I have given presentations of my art and design work at 17 national venues and 13 international settings in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Korea, China, India, Canada, Mexico, & Brazil. Additionally, I have conducted 12 national and 2 international workshops in Belgium and China. My publications on art, design, and drawing include 13 national and 5 international published papers in Korea, China, Germany, & Canada. My writing continues with a published chapter titled ‘Building Bridges to New Realms’ in the book titled ‘Design and Designing.’ I am also featured in a chapter titled ‘Brigid O’Kane’ in a book published in 2022 by Constance Smith titled ‘The Women of General Motors, A Century of Art and Engineering,’ which features my work as a creative designer from 1990-2000.


    I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, with my husband, Jason Franz, whom I have been married to for 22 years. We have a daughter, Alexandra Franz, who is 19 and a freshman at the University of Cincinnati studying Art History and Fine Art.

    Jason and I, along with Elizabeth Kauffman, co-founded a not-for-profit arts organization called Manifest Creative Research Gallery and Drawing Center, now in its 20th season. Manifest’s mission is to stand for quality in the visual arts, as well as the importance of creative research and accessible art-based experiences for the public. Jason is the Executive Director of Manifest. As part of my many roles at Manifest, I greatly value interacting with the community, including teaching classes at the Drawing Center, particularly ‘Drawing as Mindfulness.’ www.manifestgallery.org

    I have always been compelled to draw and create art. I started my career in industry as a creative designer and then transitioned to academia. At the beginning of my vocation as an Associate Professor, I emphasized writing papers and presentations on my art and design contributions as a vehicle for disseminating my work. Today, I focus on creating drawings for exhibitions at reputable galleries, museums, and educational institutions.