Brigid O'Kane
Presentations and WorkshopsDiscussing the Future of Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati - Workshop.UCID Workshop, which was co-led by Brigid O'Kane and Peter Chamberlain.UCID WorkshopPresentation at DMI Conference 2015PACE Conference in BrazilSchool of Design faculty open discussion to collect feedback. Faculty feedback was collected through a process of displaying information so they can make comments on green cards. The feedback revealed many things including Sustainable Design was a topic that many faculty thought was important. Uber Discussion Panel - Seattle Washington - attended.Workshop with colleagues Hanna Hall and Samantha Krukowski relating to graduate studiesWorking with colleagues at a workshop for developing School of Design messaging statement. Help Post-it.Presentation on Systems Thinking at Jiangnan University in China Presentation on Systems Thinking at Jiangnan University in China Workshop in Anting China with Tim HuntzingerWorkshop in Anting China with Tim HuntzingerPresentation in Anting China on Systems ThinkingPresentation in Anting China on Systems Thinking - Q & A with Bumsuk LimPresentation on Systems Thinking at Politecnico di Torino ItalyPresentation on Systems Thinking in Chicago at the IDSA ConferenceGiving a demonstration to students.
Presentations and Workshops