Brigid O'Kane
Oldsmobile Intrigue and Antares
This was one of many sketches completed while in Oldsmobile Exterior Studio, which inspired the 1995 Oldsmobile Antares Show Car. This concept car was designed and built at the General Motors Design Center. The Antares was named "Best Concept Car" by AutoWeek, at the 1995 Detroit Auto Show.

Many believe that the Antares inspired the brand cues for the production version Oldsmobile Intrigue, however the Intrigue was designed first. Additionally, the Antares and Intrigue designs were heavily based on Oldsmobile's new "Aurora". I was the lead designer for both the Antares and Intrigue along with Pete Lawlis. The Oldsmobile Intrigue is a mid-size sedan that was manufactured from 1998 through 2002.
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